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Kaltura API

Service Name user
Description Manage partner users on Kaltura's side
The userId in kaltura is the unique Id in the partner's system, and the [partnerId,Id] couple are unique key in kaltura's DB
Name Description
addAdds a user to the Kaltura DB.
Input param $id is the unique identifier in the partner's system
updateUpdate existing user, it is possible to update the user id too
getGet user by user ID
getByLoginIdGet user by user's login ID and partner ID
deleteMark the user as deleted
listList users (When not set in the filter, blocked and deleted users will be returned too)
notifyBanNotify about user ban
loginGet a session using user id and password
loginByLoginIdGet a session using user's kaltura id and password
updateLoginDataUpdate user password and email
resetPasswordReset admin user password and send it to the users email address
setInitialPasswordSet initial users password
enableLoginEnable the user to login with a loginId (email) and password.
disableLoginDisallow user to login with an id/password.
Passing either a loginId or a userId is allowed.