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Kaltura API

Reset admin user password and send it to the users email address
Input Params
name type Description
email string
No Output
ADMIN_KUSER_NOT_FOUND,The data you entered is invalid
PASSWORD_STRUCTURE_INVALID,The password you entered has an invalid structure. Passwords must obey the following rules : - Must be of length between 8 and 14. - Must not contain your name - Must contain at least one lowercase letter (a-z). - Must contain at least one digit (0-9). - Must contain at least one of the following symbols: %%~!@#$^*=+?[]{}. - Must not contain the following characters: < or >.
PASSWORD_ALREADY_USED,Chosen password has already been used
INVALID_FIELD_VALUE,value in field [%s] is not valid
LOGIN_ID_ALREADY_USED,Same login id is already in use
Example HTTP Hit
POST fields: