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Kaltura API

Inherited from KalturaBaseEntry
accessControlIdintVThe Access Control ID assigned to this entry (null when not set, send -1 to remove)
adminTagsstringVEntry admin tags can be updated only by administrators
conversionProfileIdintVOverride the default ingestion profile
createdAtintEntry creation date as Unix timestamp (In seconds)
descriptionstringVEntry description
downloadUrlstringDownload URL for the entry
endDateintVEntry scheduling end date (null when not set, send -1 to remove)
idstringAuto generated 10 characters alphanumeric string
licenseTypeKalturaLicenseTypeVLicense type used for this entry
moderationCountintNumber of moderation requests waiting for this entry
moderationStatusKalturaEntryModerationStatusEntry moderation status
namestringVEntry name (Min 1 chars)
operationAttributesKalturaOperationAttributesArrayVclipping, skipping and cropping attributes that used to create this entry
partnerDatastringVCan be used to store various partner related data as a string
partnerSortValueintVCan be used to store various partner related data as a numeric value
rankfloatCalculated rank
referenceIdstringVEntry external reference id
replacedEntryIdstringID of the entry that will be replaced when the replacement approved and this entry is ready
replacementStatusKalturaEntryReplacementStatusStatus of the replacement readiness and approval
replacingEntryIdstringID of temporary entry that will replace this entry when it's approved and ready for replacement
rootEntryIdstringID of source root entry, used for clipped, skipped and cropped entries that created from another entry
searchTextstringIndexed search text for full text search
startDateintVEntry scheduling start date (null when not set, send -1 to remove)
tagsstringVEntry tags
thumbnailUrlstringVThumbnail URL
totalRankintThe total (sum) of all votes
typeKalturaEntryTypeVThe type of the entry, this is auto filled by the derived entry object
updatedAtintEntry update date as Unix timestamp (In seconds)
userIdstringVThe ID of the user who is the owner of this entry
versionintVersion of the entry data
votesintNumber of votes
Inherited from KalturaPlayableEntry
durationintThe duration in seconds
durationTypeKalturaDurationTypeThe duration type (short for 0-4 mins, medium for 4-20 mins, long for 20+ mins)
heightintThe height in pixels
msDurationintVThe duration in miliseconds
playsintNumber of plays
viewsintNumber of views
widthintThe width in pixels
Inherited from KalturaMediaEntry
conversionQualitystringVOverride the default conversion quality
DEPRECATED - use conversionProfileId instead
creditUrlstringVThe URL for credits
creditUserNamestringVThe user name used for credits
dataUrlstringThe URL used for playback. This is not the download URL.
flavorParamsIdsstringComma separated flavor params ids that exists for this media entry
mediaDateintThe media date extracted from EXIF data (For images) as Unix timestamp (In seconds)
mediaTypeKalturaMediaTypeVThe media type of the entry
searchProviderIdstringVThe ID of the media in the importing site
searchProviderTypeKalturaSearchProviderTypeVThe search provider type used to import this entry
sourceTypeKalturaSourceTypeVThe source type of the entry
Inherited from KalturaLiveStreamEntry
bitratesKalturaLiveStreamBitrateArrayVArray of supported bitrates
offlineMessagestringVThe message to be presented when the stream is offline
streamRemoteBackupIdstringThe backup stream id as provided by the provider
streamRemoteIdstringThe stream id as provided by the provider
streamUrlstringVThe stream url
encodingIP1stringVThe broadcast primary ip
encodingIP2stringVThe broadcast secondary ip
streamPasswordstringVThe broadcast password
streamUsernamestringThe broadcast username