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Service Name mixing
Description A Mix is an XML unique format invented by Kaltura, it allows the user to create a mix of videos and images, in and out points, transitions, text overlays, soundtrack, effects and much more...
Mixing service lets you create a new mix, manage its metadata and make basic manipulations.
Name Description
addAdds a new mix.
If the dataContent is null, a default timeline will be created.
getGet mix entry by id.
updateUpdate mix entry. Only the properties that were set will be updated.
deleteDelete a mix entry.
listList entries by filter with paging support.
Return parameter is an array of mix entries.
countCount mix entries by filter.
cloneClones an existing mix.
appendMediaEntryAppends a media entry to a the end of the mix timeline, this will save the mix timeline as a new version.
requestFlatteningRequest a new flattening job, flattening is used to convert a video mix to a video file.
getMixesByMediaIdGet the mixes in which the media entry is included
getReadyMediaEntriesGet all ready media entries that exist in the given mix id
anonymousRankAnonymously rank a mix entry, no validation is done on duplicate rankings