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Kaltura API documentation provides information to web developers who wish to implement a direct usage of Kaltura's Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). For gaining a wider understanding of Kaltura open source video platform, please review the Introduction to Kaltura Platform document.

Kaltura open source video platform exposes its Server API to be available, via a web services, layer, to web applications by implementing a standard HTTP POST/GET URL encoded requests structure. Kaltura server API's, also named Kaltura Partner Services, are designed to follow REST principles. It consists of several service actions for querying/setting/updating/listing entities and for activating processes within Kaltura open source video Platform. Service actions are grouped according to the entity type they apply on, and provide all actions relevant to the specific entity.

This API documentation provides specific information on:

A prerequisite for using Kaltura APIs is obtaining Kaltura partner identifiers, such as Partner ID. Learn more about obtaining Kaltura partner identifiers.

In addition to this documentation, Kaltura provides an API test console application, allowing developers to experience an actual usage of Kaltura API.

For additional support, please visit Kaltura Community Forums