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entryMrssXsltstringVAn XSLT string that extracts the right value from the Kaltura entry MRSS XML.
The value of the current connector field will be the one that is returned from transforming the Kaltura entry MRSS XML using this XSLT string.
fieldNamestringVA value taken from a connector field enum which associates the current configuration to that connector field
Field enum class should be returned by the provider's getFieldEnumClass function.
isDefaultboolIs this field config is the default for the distribution provider?
isRequiredKalturaDistributionFieldRequiredStatusVIs the field required to have a value for submission ?
updateOnChangeboolVTrigger distribution update when this field changes or not ?
updateParamsKalturaStringArrayVEntry column or metadata xpath that should trigger an update
TODO: find a better solution for this
userFriendlyFieldNamestringVA string that will be shown to the user as the field name in error messages related to the current field